JITEx organizes road transportation services for horses in Europe, USA and Gulf countries and any other locations by using high quality trucks with certified drivers and professional grooms. We can transport your horse from stable to the airport, from airport to the stable, between stables, international and national, as per your needs & requirements.

Vehicles We Offer

Small-Double Horse Truck Small-Double Horse Truck
6 Horses Truck 6 Horses Truck
10 Horses Truck 10 Horses Truck

Services During Transport

During the transportation horses will be provided hay, each 4 hours we provide clean drinking water, we transport horses on shavings. In case of journey longer than 12 hours we always stabling horses on the way to the destination point to ensure stress-free ride for the horse and it remains ready for workout upon arrival.


Fresh Water Every 4 Hours

Professional Grooms Checking Horse Before, During & After The Transport

Stabling Horses On The Way (+12 Hours Journey)

Temperature Controlled

Relaxing Sounds To Make Horse Comfortable