JIT-Ex started its operation with only one truck but within the short span of time we expanded our business and now all across the Kingdom and the GCC.

With Transport Certification No. 050111030900 and Commercial Registration No. 2050074725, First Step Establishment for Transportation Services (JIT-Ex) plays a vital role in Land Transportation Services in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, GCC, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.

JIT-Ex In Land Services caters to more than 100 destinations, serving a flag ship clients, having more than 200 trucks shipments per day. This put us at the front for being a customer of choice.

Sea Freight


Benifits with JIT-Ex In Land Transportation

  1. Qualified drivers & support team
  2. 24/7 Services
  3. We are loyal to our partners
  4. Goods caring & security
  5. Efficent handling
  6. On time deleviries
  7. GPS Tracking

Why you should partner with us?

No matter how secure each item/shipment may be, if not taken well cared of, the item ends up messed up and useless. We guarantee your items and shipments are well taken cared of
We guarantee your items and shipments are delivered on time
Our drivers/captains are well trained and well prepared for all our client's demands. We only entrust the shipments to our trained and competent front-liners who our clients also deal with face-to-face
We ensure you a premium security. Your items are guaranteed and safe, complete and in perfect condition until it arrives to where it should go

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The Head Office for Middle East, Africa & Asia

  • Address: 46 Port Gate Building Khalidiyah Juubiyah Dammam 32221 KSA
  • Phone (Head Office): (+966) 92-000-9050
  • WhatsApp (Head Office): (+966) 56-781-9066
  • Fax: (+966) 01-380-21219

The Office for Europe

  • Address: Targowa 66/26, Warsaw 03-729, Poland
  • Phone: (+966) 92-000-9050
  • WhatsApp: (+48) 504-269-183
  • Email:

The US Office for North America & South America

  • Address: 3891 Regents cir Bloomington IN 47401
  • Phone: (+966) 92-000-9050
  • WhatsApp: (+1) 805-807-2507
  • Email:

The Office for Jordan

  • Address: Building No.150,Office No.102 Wasfi Al Tal Street-Amman-Jordan
  • Phone: (+966) 92-000-9050
  • WhatsApp: (+962) 79 160 4806
  • Email:

The Office for Morocco

  • Address: 20 Appt 2 - Rue Aguelmane Sidi Ali Rabat 10090 - Maroc41
  • Phone: (+966) 92-000-9050
  • WhatsApp: (+212) 537 68 3525
  • Email: