With a choice of your time and day we can assist you in delivering your goods at your destinations. Our Door-to-Door service is world class solutions and tools that make it easy for the customers to manage and track goods.

When you choose JIT-Ex, you enter into a best logistics arena that covers several countries and territories.

As a logistics business, we are equipped enough to deliver freight of any kind to any place via air, sea, road and rail. However, we would be able to give you a business that personal attention that the customer need during the process.

JIT-Ex provides a wide range of freight transportation solutions that caters both urgent and economical delivery of shipments. We are headed by the professionals who can provide world class solutions for all issues.

The following advantages and benefits that our customers can benefits from the Wet -Lease services on your business is:

  1. General Cargo
  2. Door to Door
  3. Air, Sea, Road & Rail Cargo Services
  4. Inter-city Transportations
  5. Cargo Tracking


Our Customers can select from a wide range of Dynas / Trucks and enjoy complete Wet-Lease (inclusive of Dyna / Truck, Driver, Fuel & Maintenance) which will help them grow their business.

The following advantages and benefits that our customers can benefits from the Wet -Lease services on your business is:

  1. 100% Insurance coverage in terms of Vehicle, Cargo, Fidelity, Pilferage
  2. Minimum Operational Issues
  3. No Human resources / Labour Issues
  4. Saudization Percentage on your business is covered by us
  5. No Maintenance Issues
  6. Backup Vehicle and driver can be arrange in a minimum of 6 hours *
  7. Equipped with real time GPS with Temperature monitoring (Frozen/Chill)
  8. Will protect your balance sheet from Increase in Debt & low cash Flow
  9. No Risk of out-dated and depreciated equipment
  10. Operational support & Maintenance support 24/7

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The Head Office for Middle East, Africa & Asia

  • Address: 46 Port Gate Building Khalidiyah Juubiyah Dammam 32221 KSA
  • Phone (Head Office): (+966) 92-000-9050
  • WhatsApp (Head Office): (+966) 56-781-9066
  • Fax: (+966) 01-380-21219

The Office for Europe

  • Address: Targowa 66/26, Warsaw 03-729, Poland
  • Phone: (+966) 92-000-9050
  • WhatsApp: (+48) 504-269-183
  • Email:

The US Office for North America & South America

  • Address: 3891 Regents cir Bloomington IN 47401
  • Phone: (+966) 92-000-9050
  • WhatsApp: (+1) 805-807-2507
  • Email:

The Office for Jordan

  • Address: Building No.150,Office No.102 Wasfi Al Tal Street-Amman-Jordan
  • Phone: (+966) 92-000-9050
  • WhatsApp: (+962) 79 160 4806
  • Email:

The Office for Morocco

  • Address: 20 Appt 2 - Rue Aguelmane Sidi Ali Rabat 10090 - Maroc41
  • Phone: (+966) 92-000-9050
  • WhatsApp: (+212) 537 68 3525
  • Email: