Whether a foal, a top equine athlete or a brood mare; whether one horse or 100 horses; each individual is treated with the very best of care by our team at JITEx. JITEx arranges all the logistic services required to ensure a successful shipment, which includes, coordinating with all airlines to move horses from all corners of the Globe, prepare all the necessary documents for export and import as well as quarantine.

Our Directions

Europe (Amsterdam, Brussel, Frankfurt, Liege)

USA (Houston, New York, Miami)

Gulf (Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman)

North Africa (Morocco & Cairo)

South Africa

Brazil & Mexico in South America



What Do We Offer

Laboratory Tests

Health Certification

Custom & Vet Clearance

Pre-Export & Post Arrival Quarantine (If Needed)

High Standard of Temporary Stabling

Personal Handling At The Airport

Road Transport To The Airport & Stable Of Destination

Flight Attendance By Professional Grooms

Worldwide Network Of Agents & Importers

Special Insurance During Transport

Access To Hay Throughout The Flight

Good Supply Of Water Which Will Be Offered Throughout Flight

Air Stables

  • Standard air container suitable for 3 horses, dimensions
    • Length 294 cm, Width 234 cm, Height 232 cm
    • 3 horses travel, for each width approx. 75cm (Single stall)
    • 2 horses travel, for each width approx. 115 cm (Wide Stall)
  • The favorable temperature is maintained during the flight which ensures comfort for the travelling horses
  • Staff provided before and during the flight
  • Vet service before during and after the flight
  • Relaxing sounds which make the horse comfort during the journey