Shipping your cargo with our Air Freight Services will keep goods moving at optimal speed and efficiency along the supply chain. We provide real-time, global tracking as part of our standard capabilities.


Our global, door-to-door services include customs clearance and forwarding to interior points, as well as coordinating with our overseas offices for on-forwarding cargo in the most cost efficient manner.

Select our Air Freight Services, and you’ll get fast, efficient international airfreight delivery worldwide.


    1. Door-to-door and Airport-to-airport
    2. Flexible international air options
    3. Global custom air charters
    4. Transshipment
    5. Consolidations
    6. On time deleviries
    7. Sea/air or Air/sea, Multimodal

Benifits with our Air Freight Services


Our Air Freight Services partners with key carriers that offer the most consistent transit & largest lift giving us leverage in both space allocation & pricing. We contract with multiple carriers to offer the most direct, economical routing of your cargo, allowing us to create the greatest possible flexibility in routing.


With every shipment, each carrier is measured. We partners with carriers to ensure that our high standards of on time delivery are met. Specific areas of improvement are identified by proactively involving customers in the process.


Because of our leverage with carriers, we can be price competitive without losing focus on the most important aspect of air shipping-on time delivery door to door.

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The Head Office for Middle East, Africa & Asia

  • Address: 46 Port Gate Building Khalidiyah Juubiyah Dammam 32221 KSA
  • Phone (Head Office): (+966) 92-000-9050
  • WhatsApp (Head Office): (+966) 56-781-9066
  • Fax: (+966) 01-380-21219

The Office for Europe

  • Address: Targowa 66/26, Warsaw 03-729, Poland
  • Phone: (+966) 92-000-9050
  • WhatsApp: (+48) 504-269-183
  • Email:

The US Office for North America & South America

  • Address: 3891 Regents cir Bloomington IN 47401
  • Phone: (+966) 92-000-9050
  • WhatsApp: (+1) 805-807-2507
  • Email:

The Office for Jordan

  • Address: Building No.150,Office No.102 Wasfi Al Tal Street-Amman-Jordan
  • Phone: (+966) 92-000-9050
  • WhatsApp: (+962) 79 160 4806
  • Email:

The Office for Morocco

  • Address: 20 Appt 2 - Rue Aguelmane Sidi Ali Rabat 10090 - Maroc41
  • Phone: (+966) 92-000-9050
  • WhatsApp: (+212) 537 68 3525
  • Email: