About Us

Herein following, First Step Establishment for Transportation is referred as JIT-Ex which is the official trademark.

In 2007, JIT-Ex was established in Dammam, the industrial capital city of Saudi Arabia. To date, JIT-Ex has more than 1300 network offices in 150 countries all over the world. JIT-Ex has positioned itself as one of the leading companies specializing in logistic solutions.

We’re providing the following products & services

  • General Cargo Logistics
  • Goods Warehousing
  • Equine Land Transport
  • Equine Air Shipping
  • Equine Semen Transportation
  • Import & Export Documentation
  • Stabling Services

We have a long relationship with horses, which began with JIT-Ex founder Adel Al Tamimi when he bought his first horse in 2001. Since then, horses are part of our identity and it has become obvious for us to develop Equine Transport as one of our priorities.

Because of our deep understanding and passion for horses, we have set up a unique system that takes care of the horse during the Logistics process and makes sure that the horse arrives safely and happily to its final destination. We oversee and communicate strongly with our owners during the transport process, and this is something that sets us apart from other Equine Transport Companies.

JIT-Ex has quickly become one of the leading international Horse Logistics companies rendering its services globally - including road transportation, air transportation, stable to stable, and quarantine to and from any international and intercontinental directions.

JIT-Ex organizes import and export documentation and ensures the highest standard of transport. We coordinate with professionals and partner with those who share our passion for horses.

This website is owned and managed by First Step Establishment for Transportation with JIT-Ex as official trademark.